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Oban Lambie


Oban was born and raised in San Francisco, California but spent significant portions of his childhood in Northern New Mexico. He began his computer career at the age of twelve during summer computer programming camps learning the ancient arts of BASIC External link and LOGO External link programming on Apple IIe's External link . After attending college at San Diego State University Oban's computer career took flight with the emergence of the Internet. Since then he's become an accomplished Web Programmer, Database Engineer and Systems Administrator. He's been the lead Systems Administrator for ISP's, programmed for startups during the dot com heyday, built the back end of many enterprise level web sites, and lead teams of programmers and systems administrators through completion of countless successful projects. He now manages the Brownrice Internet staff, keeps the network humming, and chases his wife and twin boys around during his time off.

Vanessa Moon

Project and Suppport Manager

Vanessa Moon started down the path of technology in 1988 working at Dell Computers in client services. She soon transferred her focus within the company to sales and was intricately involved in what was at the time Dell's largest single sale in its history: the State of Texas, Department of Human Services. This resulted in a transition from sales into Project Manager for the completion and installation of 14,000 PC's across the State of Texas. Her career with Dell was interrupted by love for an artist in Taos, New Mexico, whom she married in 1994 and left Austin and Dell. In 1996, she and her husband opened an art gallery in Taos. Dos Lunas Gallery operated successfully for 8 years. Back in the real world again, Vanessa worked as Technical Support Manager for a software company that specialized in Ticketing, Point-of-Sale and Guest Management solutions for Ski Resorts, Park & Attractions and Museums & Non-profits (supporting FoxPro External link and SQL External link ). She now is the Project Manager for Brownrice Internet and loving every minute of it. At Brownrice, when not managing everyone's tasks and deadlines, she pitches in and helps with support calls and testing.

David Wilson

Programmer and Systems Administrator

Dave wasn't a computer expert at age ten. In those days computers were the size of a house External link and run by the military, so his parents couldn't afford one. Also, the punchcard reader External link was too noisy. Instead, he studied hard at electrical engineering thinking that one day he'd get a job working on thermionic valves External link and magnetic core drives External link that were at the heart of computer technology at that time. Those days are long past and technology has moved on but at Brownrice there is still one vestige of the ancient computer arts which he is still able to draw upon on a daily basis: an arcane knowledge of the Unix operating system External link

Joel Morey


Joel began programming at the age of ten on a Commodore 64, building games in BASIC and later moved on to full fledged programming in C . At sixteen, he worked as technical support and computer repair technician for an ISP. He attended college at Texas Tech University where he majored in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. At nineteen, he began programming professionally in Java and was assigned to help in the re-design and re-implementation of the largest commodities trading website of that time ( He now continues his programming career at Brownrice Internet where he works with other talented individuals to build high quality applications.

Logan Glasscock

Sysadmin/Support Tech

Logan was born in Amarillo Texas and came to Taos with his family in 1994. His first computer was a Commodore 64 found at a local thrift store called Treasure Island. It wasn't until years later that he took an interest in Programming, but tinkering with electronics was a hobby since building a battery for his first science fair project. Logan always enjoyed tinkering with old computers, and began refurbishing and repairing them in his spare time, learning all about null modems, rs-232 connections & handshaking, tape drives, acoustic couplers, and a bunch of other great stuff nobody remembers. He still enjoys writing a little BASIC on his TRS-80 "Microcomputer", which is how he began programming. Logan began learning the fundamentals of web design and JavaScript in his early twenties to build a personal website, and it wasn't long before others began inquiring about his services. For the next few years he worked as a freelance web designer, while studying JavaScript, PHP, VBS/ASP, and Windows Networking / Systems Administration, and was I.T Supervisor for a tech startup for three years. When he's not writing code, pulling cables, or installing hardware, he's probably sleeping, or out far enough from civilization that there's no available wifi.

Geordie Robb


Geordie Robb's first experience with a computing machine was back in 1972 at Deerfield Elementary School on an ancient Teletype ASR 33 External link There he learned the basics of BASIC , and the code of Hammurabi. Geordie graduated from the University of Vermont in 1990 with a BA in Economics. Geordie's natural inclination toward creating order out of chaos took root when he was asked to build a small website/database project as a favor. He soon found himself flooded with requests to build a wide array of web applications which required learning how to leverage the most up to date web technologies available. Geordie has been providing Brownrice Internet with Software Consulting, Web Programming and Database Design services since 2002. Geordie is the lead developer for the wildly successful family of CultureGrants Online applications that are currently taking the Arts Grant world by storm. He is now working on a new project (still a secret) which will take location based services to a new level of sophistication, putting the latest spatial analysis tools into the hands of the everyday user. He recently moved from sunny New Mexico to Portland, Oregon where it is easier to work inside all day.

Tucker Whitney


Tucker's bio is coming soon!

Jake Kappen


Jake's bio is coming soon!

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Brownrice Internet, Inc.

Born out of a true love for technology and the Internet, Brownrice started as a programming and systems administration company and has grown to be a server and streaming company. Brownrice takes pride in the fact that we are small enough to know our clients' online goals and are large enough to provide the redundancy, experience, and reliablitiy that businesses can depend on.

We're located in the natural-disaster free (well, droughts don't affect servers, right?) 7000 elevation of Taos, New Mexico. We own our own state-of-the-art data center and utilize off-site data centers for things like off-site backup and redundancy.