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Our Philosophy

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No more waiting for the programmer working out of their garage to come back from vacation to fix your site. Multiple in-house project managers, testers, programmers, and systems administrators ensure that you and your organization have someone to turn to for help — always.


Because Brownrice is both a hosting and programming company we can rid your site of vulnerabilities and hackers, and help your organization achieve full PCI security compliance though both our server-side and programming experience.

Write once, test ten times

For Brownrice, testing is not an afterthought. Our testers are smart people with high communication skills who are decidedly low tech—the best in the business at reporting real issues with applications. We stop bugs before you and your clients see them.


Brownrice programmers program what you want — not what we think you should have. If there is a problem, we fix it, tell you what happened, and ensure that it doesn't happen again.

You own it

We write it, you own it. Brownrice clients benefit from our extensive experience and our massive code base to keep their costs low. In the unlikely event that you feel someone else can do a better job with your site you can move it away. No questions asked.